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Spacious Motor Homes for Rent

Messner RV Rentals has no shortage of motor homes available for rent near Phoenix. You can also use our RV consignment program to rent out your current RV through us. Get in touch with us via email or telephone for assistance with finding rentals or renters for your current motor home.

A Diverse Collection of RVs

All of Messner's motor homes are equipped with automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. Most of them also come with overdrive and cruise control. Driving a Messner motor home is as easy as driving a large van or pickup truck, and no special driver's license is required.

Ranging anywhere from 21' to 40', our selection of RVs includes something for every kind of family and vacation. We've briefly outlined what you can expect from the different sizes of RVs, including how many passengers certain models are generally able to sleep:

RV Kitchen Area

Typical 21' Floor Plan

21' to 24'

The smallest of our motor homes, these models generally feature three beds that sleep up to six people in total. These are great for a weekend getaway or small group fishing trips.

28' to 30'

These compact models can still fit four beds, making them a great value. This size is perfect for a weekend or full week vacation.

31' With Slide

This model is our most popular motor home! Ranging from four to six beds, it is able to sleep up to 10 passengers. There are private bedrooms for added comfort and a roomy, luxurious feel.

30' to 34'

This is perfect for the traveler who wants to get around in style. With two to three beds in this spacious interior, there's more room for the comforts of home, including a private bedroom.

Twin Bunk Floor Plan

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34' to 36' With Slide

With two to three beds in a lot of square-footage, this is one relaxing way to travel. You'll also enjoy all of the amenities of home, including TV, VCR, and a coffee maker, with full to queen-sized beds.

36' to 40' Diesel With Slide

If you want to ride in luxury while enjoying ample storage space, then look no further. This model holds two to three beds and feels like a house on wheels without driving like one.

Planning By Passenger Count

Often one of the most important factors in choosing a motor home is how many people can comfortably fit on it. If your entire group can't fit, what's the point of looking any further? Below are the sleeping options you can expect from each size.

Typical 21' To 24' Floor Plan

Typical 21' to 24' Class C:
Sofa Bed - Sleeps Two
Cab-Over Bed - Sleeps Two
Dinette - Sleeps One to Two

Typical 26' To 29' Floor Plan

Typical 26' to 29' Class C:
Queen - Sleeps Five to Six
Queen or Twin & Couch - Sleeps Five to Eight
Bunk Beds & Couch - Sleeps Nine to Ten

Typical 28' To 36' Floor Plan

Typical 28' to 36' Class A:
Queen - Sleeps Five to Six
Cab-Over Bed - Sleeps Six to Seven


Your leisure recreational vehicle can generate additional income for you just by listing it through Messner's RV rental consignment program. By making your motor home available to Messner's large rental clientele, you'll enjoy passive income without lifting a finger, vehicle depreciation tax write-offs, and more that can be explained to you by your tax accountant.

Messner's RV consignment program has been carefully planned to assure you a hassle-free business opportunity. If you'd like to inquire about joining the ranks of other satisfied owners who have realized the financial benefits of consigning their recreational vehicles with Messner's RV consignment program, e-mail or call us.